NSA Mutton

National Sheep Association's mutton initiative 'Make More of Mutton'. Helping the quality mutton supply chain to popularise the wonderful flavour of mutton.

The National Sheep Association has launched a new initiative called 'Make More of Mutton' to help quality mutton supply chains to reach a wider market, and to popularise mutton in the UK.

Bob Kennard is Project Manager of this work, which follows on from the Prince of Wales' Mutton Renaissance which was launched in 2004.

Bob is keen to hear from anyone invloved in the production, processing, retailing or catering supply chain of quality mutton. He says "We want to understand how the current supply process works, after which we can hopefully help with problem areas."

Bob started processing and selling quality mutton in 1990 until he sold his meat business in 2009. His book Much Ado About Mutton was published in September 2014 to widespread acclaim.

For more information about the NSA 'Make More of Mutton' Project, download a leaflet here.

If you would like to be involved with this initiative, please complete the on-line survey here, or alternatively, download, complete and return a simple questionnaire about your mutton supply chain. Download here.

To contact Bob, email him at mutton@nationalsheep.org.uk

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