Where to Buy Mutton

Advice on where to buy mutton in the UK

Mutton for sale

Mutton for sale

There is a good selection of quality mutton suppliers in the UK, and elsewhere. So, how do you go about buying really tasty mutton?

Just as wine drinkers have a choice of grape varieties and terroirs which add to the pleasures of tasting different wines, so with mutton. There is much interest and enjoyment to be had from comparing the differences in flavour and texture of the meat reared in different environments, the breeds of sheep, and the periods of hanging.

Suppliers' Guide

The book 'Much Ado Do About Mutton' has a UK Mutton Suppliers' Directory, which lists over 60 specialist suppliers, many of whom deliver across the UK by mail order.

Each supplier's entry has details of the mutton they supply, including where it was reared and how it was fed; its breed; age; and cracass hanging period. Any awards received by the supplier for their mutton is given, whether the production is certified as Organic, together with how the mutton is sold (by individual cuts or mixed boxes), and how to buy it - via a farm shop, farmers markets, butchers, or mail order. 

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