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'Much Ado' Shortlisted for Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Much Ado About Mutton, having been declared the best food book in Wales, has now been shortlisted, together with eight other books for the meat category of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015.

Other shortlisted books are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, New Zealand, Norway and UK The best in the world will be announced on June 9th in Yantia, China.

UK's First Mutton Week

Aldeburgh town has gone mutton mad!

        Interesting mutton facts….

  • The older and more exercised the muscle of a grazing animal, the more intense a flavour it has
  • Mutton has been found to have 40% higher levels of Omege-3 fatty acids than lamb
  • Of all the grazing animals, mutton has the richest source of Vitamins B6 and B12, thiamine and iron

 And because this under-rated, healthy meat tastes so completely delicious, we’ve decided to give it its own festival…

 Mutton Week

14th – 21st February
at Salter&King, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Launch day – Saturday 14th February, from 2pm

Come to the shop for:

~ A make-the-most-of-mutton Cooking Demo by Gerard King

~ An ‘Introduction to Carcass Cutting’ butchery demo

~ A mutton dish taste-off! The White Lion and Brudenell hotels slug it out for Best Mutton Dish – and you’ll be the judge.

~ Mutton recipes to take home with you. 

 All week

~ Delicious Alde Valley mutton – grazed in the lush meadows of Great Glemham – available in the shop. Including new and innovative cuts to try, as well as recipe suggestions.

~ Farm Walk at White House Farm, Great Glemham. Enquire at the shop for timings.

~ Farm Supper at White House Farm on 19th February, cooked by local chef Peter Harrison. A must for mutton-lovers! Contact the shop for tickets

~ Special mutton dishes (made with our own Alde Valley mutton) on the menus at the White Lion and Brudenell hotels throughout the week.


For more information, contact Gerard King on, or 01728 452758

Mutton Stand at Royal Welsh Winter Fair

There will be a dedicated mutton stand in the Food Hall of the Royal Welsh Winter Fair at Builth Wells ( on 1st and 2nd December. This is an oppportunity to see more information about mutton, buy signed copies of Much Ado About Mutton and even taste a sample of the exquisite meat!

Important news for mutton lovers is the launch at the Winter Fair of a new project known as 'Making the Most of Mutton' by the National Sheep Association with teh Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Information will be on the Mutton Stand in the Food Hall, and the National Sheep Association stand in the livestock area.

BBC Radio Scotland

Mutton was featured on Radio Scotland's programme Kitchen Cafe, on the 24th October. The programme can still be heard at the BBC Radio Scotland website.

"Mutton used to take pride of place on kitchen tables across the country. But today we no longer eat mutton or even view mutton in the way we used to. Bob Kennard explains why there was a demise in mutton and urges us to try again with this meat that many consider to be tastier than lamb.

For generations Colin Clydesdale has had mutton recipes handed down his family, traditional recipes of mutton and tattie soup and roast leg of mutton. He talks about his favourite recipes and why he has never fallen out of love with mutton.

Jane Moncrieff explores the origins of Shetland's traditional delicacy, reestit mutton, finding out how a salty and sweet brine and then hanging to dry for 21 days adds a further depth of flavour to the meat.

Chef John Quigley demonstrates how to make a simple mutton cous cous."

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme

Edition of 'Mouthwatering Mutton' programme to be repeated today (Monday 6th October at 3.30 pm GMT+1). Also available to listen to via BBC website.

"Mutton tastier than lamb - why we should all demand to eat older meat. Dan Saladino uncovers the mystery of why we no longer eat mutton, despite it being a favoured meat of the Victorians. He hears about the efforts of Bob Kennard, author of a new book, Much Ado About Mutton, who's campaigning for good quality mutton to return to our menus......"

Mutton Book Launch at Ludlow

A Mutton Dinner and talk launched Much Ado About Mutton at the Ludlow Food Festival on the 13th and 14th September.

The Trio of Mutton at the Bistro 7 Mutton meal at Ludlow

The Trio of Mutton at the Bistro 7 Mutton meal at Ludlow

The Ludlow restaurant Bistro 7 hosted the superb sell-out mutton meal, with Chef James Croft-Moss producing a stunning variety of delicious mutton dishes to the delight of everyone there.

Following some superb mutton canapes, the traditional mutton broth was extremely tasty, and the trio of mutton which followed demonstrated both the taste, tenderness and versitility of quality mutton when cooked slowly.

The mutton was from a Texel ewe, farmed by Mr Gittoes of Bleddfa, near Knighton in Powys. The animal was three years old, and the carcass had been hung for 18 days.

Bob Kennard talking at Ludlow Food Festival

Bob Kennard talking at Ludlow Food Festival

On the following day, as part of the Ludlow Food Festival, following a butchery and cookery demonstration, Bob Kennard gave a short talk about what to look for when buying mutton.

Much Ado About Mutton on BBC Food Programme

Bob Kennard with Dan Saladino of BBC Radio 4 Food Programme recording an interview.

Bob Kennard with Dan Saladino of BBC Radio 4 Food Programme recording an interview.

A radio programme devoted to mutton and featuring Bob Kennard, author of Much Ado About Mutton will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 12.30pm on Sunday 5th October, repeated the next day at 3.30pm.




10 Best Slow Cookers for Mutton


In Victorian Wales, the Ffwrn Fach double boiler cooked meat long and slow, so its modern equivalent, the slow-cooker, is ideal for mutton, producing tender succulent meat every time.

Whether you are cooking a roast or casserole, just prepare the ingredients, switch on and leave it until ready. Modern mutton cookery just couldn’t be simpler or more relaible!

The Independent newspaper has produced a guide to the ten best slow-cookers.

Nigella Chooses Mutton Broth from book

Nigella Lawson has selected Much Ado About Mutton for her Cookbook Corner on her website

Mutton broth from the Much Ado About Mutton recipe.

Mutton broth from the Much Ado About Mutton recipe.

She selects a recipe from each book she features, and in the case of Much Ado About Mutton, it's the ancient mutton broth which took her eye. She says "Reader, I confess: I did choose this book for its title alone. Nonetheless, I am proud and pleased to number it among my collection now, and commend both it and my selected recipe to you. Reminiscent of a particular favourite of mine, Welsh Cawl, it's for a good, old-fashioned, proper Mutton Broth."

The recipe is also available on this website.

Local Launch of Much Ado About Mutton

Dolau locals and visitors get down to some serious mutton tasting

Dolau locals and visitors get down to some serious mutton tasting

A local launch of the book Much Ado About Mutton took place in the village Hall of Llanfinhangel Rhydithon (or Dolau, pronounced 'Dolly' for short) in rural mid Wales on September the 6th. With delicious mutton to sample, and some extracts from the book read by the author and friends, not to mention village gossip to catch up on, oh, and the wine flowing freely, what could go wrong?

David and Helen Pickersgill of Weobley Ash Farm, Herefordshire with their Moroccan spiced sausages.

David and Helen Pickersgill of Weobley Ash Farm, Herefordshire with their Moroccan spiced sausages.

Fortunately, all went relatively smoothly.

Local mutton producers David and Helen Pickersgill of Weobley Ash Farm, Herefordshire (pictured) brought some of their excellent Moroccan spiced mutton sausages.

Local cook and food expert, Lavinia Vaughan, cooked some wonderful mutton tasters from meat butchered by Tom Pugh at Harry Tuffin's supermarket eight miles away at Knighton in Powys.

The ewes for the tastings were of two breeds - Shropshires from Tom, and Lleyn from David and Helen. Both had been hung for between 10 days and three weeks. All the animals were about 4 years old, and were slaughtered at Griffiths, Leintwardine, Shropshire. Both Doug Griffiths and Tom Pugh came along for a taste of their wares.

Mike Reynolds, Bob and Carolyn Kennard reading from Much Ado About Mutton

Mike Reynolds, Bob and Carolyn Kennard reading from Much Ado About Mutton

Author Bob Kennard and his wife Carolyn, together with local sheep farmer, Mike Reynolds (see right) read some extracts from the book, bringing to life the voices of mutton enthusiasts of previous generations.

The general consensus of the evening was that many people found they enjoyed eating mutton and found the evening fascinating, and wasn't it a good idea to get the community together! What was the best gossip of the evening? Well, that would be telling, mind you, I was rather surprised to hear about young George and that sheep .......